Tuesday 28 February 2012

First gig and Excitement!

So, on Friday, we played our first "gig" outside of the folk club.  And it was a huge success!  It went down really, really well with the audience!  Better than we expected.  And we were asked to play another gig this coming Saturday.  One of the barmen runs a similar sort of club night in London and thought we were "wicked" and would we be interested.  We're still waiting to hear from him, but Jess did a little bit of online stalking, so we know how to get hold of him if we don't hear anything!  We're also waiting on news about a couple more exciting projects, which we won't reveal yet, but we shall keep you posted as and when we hear!

Jess' interview with Jon Cleave of The Fisherman's Friends, is now online for people to listen to if they haven't already.  You can find it on her Facebook page HERE.  Don't forget to tune in to her folk slot on Radio Verulam, every Wednesday between 7pm and 8pm.  92.6FM or www.radioverulam.com.

So now we're back to rehearsals, working on a new set for upcoming shows in April and May.  We're all so happy and excited about how things are going!  There may even be a couple of recordings being done in the next month or so. Keep your eyes here to find out.

Until next time
ciao for now
Kathy, Jess and Hannah