Tuesday 7 February 2012

First gig!

Hey guys! Exciting stuff! We've been asked to play a gig in London! It's part of an acoustic club night, in a fab little pub in Kentish Town. Go check out our calendar page for more details. It should be a really good night with loads of really talented people playing. We're dead nervous, as it'll be the longest set we've ever done, and the first time we've all sung with mics! But it's a great place to start and a nice way to learn how we are on stage, and how to banter (we're all a bit nervous about that one!) So if you're in London on Friday the 24th Feb, come on down. £4 tickets.

Also, keep tuning in to Jess' radio show. On the 15th Feb, Jess will be doing an interview with THE FISHERMAN'S FRIENDS! Well, one of them anyway! She's pretty nervous, but 'tis everso exciting!

That's all for now. We shall blog in a couple of weeks to let you know how gigs and interviews went.


Jess, Kathy and Hannah

Said the Maiden