Wednesday 7 March 2012

Waiting patiently

Hi guys.  Hope everyone's well and having good days!?

So, we never heard back from the Torriano guy about the gig we were supposed to be doing last weekend.  Never mind eh?  Still lots of opportunities to look forward to (Check out our calendar for more details).  A new date has been added this month.  Not too sure of the details, but date and venue are on the calendar.  Shall report back afterwards.  Also waiting to hear back from people about a couple of exciting potential opportunities, but until then, it's practise, practise, practise.  We've got three new songs in the pipeline, which is always exciting for us, and videos of the Torriano gig will be up very, very shortly.  They're looking flippin' good...if we may say so ourselves :)

Another plug for Jess' radio show.  She's really enjoying it.  We have no idea how many people actually listen, but hopefully it's a lot.  We want everyone to have folk music in their lives!!  92.6FM or  Wednesday evenings, 7-8pm on the Gig Guide.

Until next time, lovelies

Jess, Hannah and Kathy