Wednesday 11 April 2012

Laying it Down

Hi y'all.  Sorry it's been quiet.  We've been mighty busy little music making bees!  On Thursday the 5th, we sang at our local folk club in Redbourn.  We regularly attend this club, and often offer 1 or 2 songs, but this time, they'd asked us to do a full half hour set, as part of a "spotlight" night, featuring 4 of the clubs regular acts.  It was a stonking night!  Fab music from all, and an awesome reception to our set.  We handed out cards, spent a good half an hour afterwards chatting to people about our little group and its projects, and ended up getting 2 more gigs out of it!  A support slot for an incredible group called Strangeworld, at the Baldock and Letchworth club, and a whole evening as a "guest act" at the Watford Pumphouse!  All very exciting, if a little daunting.  Watford have asked us how much we charge for an evening and, as we've never had to work that out before, we struggling to decide what they would deem acceptable, whilst trying to avoid being fobbed off.  Not that we really expect to...this is a friendly little music scene afterall!

The following Saturday we did some recording.  Steve, who recorded our last demos, has now got his own equipment and a fab little studio space at his office.  We spent 14 hours there, experimenting with different ways of laying down tracks, using scratch tracks (Basic templates of the song that can be used to sing along to for the main take), introducing new instruments, and working out new ways of doing our songs.  We've got three almost completed songs so far, and are really looking forward to going back soon to finish and polish them off.  Someone (no names mentioned) is a bit camera happy and got some footage of the day.  Videos will appear shortly!

So, since then, it's been back to work as normal for us, and practising for the spring/summer season.  Got festivals to plan!!!

Until next time.

Said the Maiden x