Tuesday 22 May 2012

Book Festival

So, we sang at the Luton Hoo Walled Gardens Children's Book Festival on Sunday.  It was a pretty successful day.  Cold, and knackering but really good fun.  We were assigned a tent that we used as our "base" but ended up doing most of our singing from, to hide from the wet and cold.  The festival, which is in its first year, attracted a good few thousand people, and the whole day seemed to go down a storm.  Our tent was fairly popular.  The highlight of the day for us was when a guy walked in, whilst we were warming up and practising after a short break, and asked if we were performing.  We invited him to sit down and started singing, just to him.  But by the end of our half and hour or so of singing, the tent was full and people were standing outside and watching through the door.  It wasn't a big tent, so that didn't make for a huge audience, but we were chuffed that they had come in to listen, without us having to do anything to coax them in, other than sing.  At the start of the day, we were joined by a poet, and shared our time with him, which was nice because he was much more outgoing than us and not afraid to approach people to get them to come and listen.  So we appreciated his help, but appreciated even more that we didn't need to resort to going right up to groups and telling them to come and join in.  They did so of their own accord, because they heard us from a distance and liked us! :D

We had learned a few new songs for the festival, which were really good fun to sing, and went down a treat.  We found a useful day to practise songs we weren't quite so familiar with, without the pressure of a completely transfixed audience, who had come only to see us.  We're really looking forward to sharing them with more people.

So next up is the Redbourn Folk and Blues day which we are really excited about!  The day has a fantastic line up that we are honoured to be a part of, including the completely fantastic Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts (http://www.gilmoreroberts.co.uk/) The day normally brings in a big crowd so, weather permitting, will probably be our biggest audience to date!  And the first outdoor gig we've done, and the first time we've used a proper sound system!  So it will be a bit of a challenge, but we are definitely ready for it!

Keep up to date with everything we're doing by checking our calendar, and hopefully we'll see you at a gig soon

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