Friday 4 May 2012

It's all kicking off!

Hi guys.  It's been another quiet one recently.  Apologies.  We're not very good at keeping things up to date.

We've received some more exciting emails in recent weeks.  Firstly from a guy who runs a large, successful folk club in multiple venues throughout London.  His email said that he had "recently been introduced" to our music (we don't know who by!) and would we "consider" playing at one of his venues?  Of course, it didn't take much consideration on our part, and we instantly said yes.  We're still waiting to hear more information from him.

We then got in contact with the people who run the St.Albans folk festival, and were given a slot playing in the old town hall.  We go there most years to check out who's playing, so it's exciting to be part of the line up!

A few weeks ago, we emailed the Bakewell Music Festival, who were looking for people to play on their acoustic stage.  We heard back from them the other day, saying that they would not be able to give us an official set, so we would not be in the programme, but they've given the three of us a free ticket each, to go along for the weekend, and play the open mic and late night sessions.  So exciting!  There's a lot of big acts there (Including Seth Lakeman!) so it will be an awesome place to showcase our music.  Hopefully something fab will come out of it.

So, with the literary festival coming up in the next couple of weeks, and new songs to be learnt, we are hard at work!  There's a lot to do, and not really that much time to do it!


For more information about the Bakewell Music Festival go HERE

Until next time
Said the Maiden