Friday 18 May 2012

Setting Dates

We've been finalising a lot of dates recently.  Check out our calendar!  We're playing at the Lost Horizons Folk Club in London in October and are really looking forward to it!  We've played London once before and seemed to go down really well there.  It's nice to play in front of different and new crowds, and see how we're received by people who aren't necessarily there as traditional folk fans.  Hopefully when we play gigs like that, people leave as folk fans!

We're getting excited about the summer festival season!  We don't have much money to spend going to the big ones, but between our free tickets to Bakewell, free festivals in our town and a cheap one close by, we should be able to get a good run going!  Of course, we shall keep you up to date with all our shennanigans.  In the mean time, we're rehearsing hard for our most imminent gigs, and working on new material, recordings etc.  Busy, busy, busy at Maiden HQ!