Monday 9 July 2012


Hey guys.  It's been a long time again.  Sorry about that.  So what's been happening?  Well, since Baldock, not a lot on the singing front.  Jess has been busy taking part in a show so we haven't had any chances to meet.  But now the show's over, we're organising our next recording session, and will soon be adding to our set list in time for the Bakewell Music Festival, which we are very excited about!!  We don't have any gigs booked between now and then, so we can really concentrating on getting new material together, which is always a really good fun, rewarding process.  We've really learned what our sound is now, which makes the whole process much easier, and a little less frustrating.  But it's always fun to share new material with audiences and friends.

Anyway, don't forget to keep checking back here for updates.
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Eat Cake
Said The Maiden