Thursday 16 August 2012

Bakewell etc

Hi guys!  SO!  It was the Bakewell music festival last weekend, and what a blast we had!  Gorgeous weather, beer, cider, food, fabulous music, and a pretty good set played by us...if we may say so ourselves! Played to a packed acoustic tent and had a load of people come up to us afterwards to chat and take flyers.  It was really nice to meet people and, for some of them, introduce people to a new type of music.  A lot of people told us we were very refreshing to hear! How lovely :)  We may now even be getting some radio play from it!  We'll be sending mp3s off to an online radio show that were at the festival, so that they can add us to their playlist, which is pretty awesome. 

Now we're having a week off....well, off singing anyway.  We're all back to normality and work, but not for long.  We're still working hard on our EP with 3 more songs to do, and we're kicking off September with loads of gigs.  So lots of practise and song learning needs to be done!

One of our dates has been changed.  The Lost Horizons folk club has had to change venue, so if you were planning on joining us there, check our calendar for the updates.

We may well post up some videos from Bakewell soon, but in the mean time

Take care, chill out, and eat cake!!

Said The Maiden