Wednesday 1 August 2012

stuff 'n' things

SO!  We're in the process of recording an ep.  It's sounding pretty good so far.  Should be ready to start selling at gigs in October.  We're very excited about it!  It's a lot of hard work and VERY different to performing live, but it's also a lot of fun and we enjoy learning new stuff.

Bakewell festival is NEXT WEEKEND!  Dead excited about this!  We've been given our schedule for the weekend and are practising HARD! Got two new songs to add to the mix: a Led Zeppelin cover and one we're learning specially to take to Derby with us.  We're also planning on doing another photoshoot whilst we're there, with, hopefully a bit more sun than last time.  And no doubt Jess will be camera happy and filming some bits and bobs for you!!

We'll keep you updated on our recording and our weekend at Bakewell.  If you want to come along and enjoy the fab music, beer, music and (fingers crossed) lovely summer weather, check out 

Until soon
Said the Maiden