Saturday 15 September 2012

Another Fab One

We went back to The Torriano Pub in Kentish Town yesterday, to play amongst some fabulous musicians.  We had a fab time, great music, and free beer.  Can't complain!  But now illness and exhaustion has caught up with us, so we're postponing our recording session til next week and having some "time off".  Hopefully we're still on track to get the ep done by October 20th, but we're not going to rush it. 

So, until our next gig (on the 20th Oct) we're learning new songs, Jess is running off to Iceland for a week and normal life is resuming.  We've been having such a blast these last couple of weeks though!  Meeting other musicians, discovering new music, and being part of it all.  It seems we're making quite a name for ourselves now, and it's very exciting!

Updates on the ep coming soon

Until then, we've put some new live videos up at, go check them out.  And whilst on the interwebs, check out this fab band that we met at The Torriano Lovely stuff!