Sunday 30 September 2012

Exciting New Things and Upcoming Gigs

G'day folkies!
We've been working hard since our Torriano gig, collecting and learning new songs for our two upcoming gigs. These are our first ever HEADLINE sets, so we're very nervous and excited! We're using it as an opportunity to inject something new into our line up so, when you come see us, as well as hearing new songs, you'll be seeing new instruments to boot (Even Jess has been persuaded to pick up her flute and whistles! A mean feat indeed!) So our next gig is on the 20th of October at The Lost Horizons Folk Club in London. Details can be found here: It promies to be a fab night with other fab musicians and singers performing too (Hee hee, we have support acts) Come along if you can. It's not a club we know, so we're excited to meet new people, and find out who recommended us to them!!
Our next gig after that, and our final one of the year, is at the Folk at the Pumphouse club in Watford. November 16th. If you haven't seen us yet this year, and you want to, make sure you come to this! Our whole year of rehearsals and performances has been leading to this 80 MINUTE set!!! Lots of hard, hard work going in to this, to double our repertoire. This gig is a huge challenge for us, but a real milestone and a very exciting prospect. Again, we haven't been to this club, but we do know the people who run it, and we're going to make sure we join them for an open stage night at some point before our gig, just to say hello and make ourselves known. Details for that gig can be found here:
We're also still working on our ep.  It doesn't look like we'll get the chance to sell it at Lost Horizons like we'd hoped, but we will be able to "release" it soon, so we'll keep you updated on that. 
 We'll try not to leave it so long until the next post this time, but we've all been so busy in our non folky lives that we've had to put this sort of stuff on the back burner a little bit.
See you soon
StM x