Tuesday 23 October 2012

Lost Horizons, Watford and MusicCity Unsigned

Ey up!

SO!  We had an absolutely fab time at the Lost Horizons folk club in Leytonstone on Saturday.  The club has a lovely venue and lovely, enthusiastic members.  We highly recommend you try it out!!  Here's their website...http://losthorizonsfolkclub.btck.co.uk/ Really great atmosphere.  We hope they invite us back again.  There will be pictures and videos of that in the next few days.

Our next gig is Novembner 16th at the Watford Pumphouse theatre (Folk at the Pumphouse) Website at: http://www.folkatthepumphouse.webs.com/ This is the big one!  Two 40 minute sets! A lot of hardwork starting now to add the final....half hour or so to our existing set. No pressure or anything!!  We're REALLY looking forward to this one.  Another fabulous club full of lovely, enthusiastic and talented people, and a great venue.  Hopefully we'll be able to sell our cd at that one too!

Another exciting thing is happening too.  We hae entered the St Albans Music City Unsigned competition.  It's a chance for local bands to make a name for themselves through public voting.  The 3 bands with the highest amount of votes get to play at the Alban Arena in St Albans, in front of a pretty big crowd.  We're the only folk group in the running so it's super scary, but would be so amazing if we won.  It would really help show people what folk music is really all about and prove to them that there is something there for everyone, that it's not all beer drinking fuddy duddies and out of tune banjoes!  It would be so fab to play such a big venue and would really help to put us onto the public radar.  To find out more about the competition, and to vote, just take 30 seconds to follow this link: http://www.lemonrock.com/MCU2 IT would mean the world to us if we won! :D you will have to create an account in order to vote, but it's quick and free and you never have to use it again if you don't want to!!

Until soon