Monday 12 November 2012

3rd Place, a new track and future plans.

Hello lovelies!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Lemonrock MCU2 competition.  We came a fab 3rd place, and will be playing at the Alban Arena in March!  We're very excited and nervous! The biggest venue we've played, and in front of people who are probably not going to be folk fans.  Well, not until they've heard us anyway!  More information on that as we get it.

Secondly, we're half way through our demo ep.  It's taken a long, long time due to other commitments, but we're recording the last songs on Sunday, and hopefully all will go so well we'll get them all done then, ready to be mixed.  We've put one of the tracks up on our media page, so go looksee.  It's just a better version of Shady Grove, which was already up, but we're sending our details off to festival organisers at the moment, so we want to impress them as much as possible. 

So yeah, hopefully we'll be spending summer 2013 touring around doing various festivals.  We've got a long list to apply for, so fingers crossed some of them are impressed.  We're going for some pretty big ones so it's all a bit scary.  But until then, we've got our final, and biggest, gig of the year coming up this Friday!  We've got new instruments, new songs AND solos so it's all change in the set list.  It's been a really fab experience, finding our voices with our solo songs, and integrating our new instruments.  We're evolving our sound now, expanding it and beefing it up.  We're sticking to our original idea of being very harmony driven, and still have several unaccompanied songs, as these do tend to be our strongest, and most popular ones, but it's nice to create new sounds and change things up a bit.

Hopefully vidoes and photos of Friday's gig wil follow at the weekend.  If you want to come listen, all the details are on our calendar page, so go check it out!

Until next week
Peace out