Monday 3 December 2012

General Update

Exciting things will be happening in the new year! FACT!

We headed back to our beloved Redbourn Folk Club the other week, to support Maggie Holland.  It was a fab night, with press and everything!  One of our guests has been busy ever since the gig, promoting us to "friends in high places" and getting a lot of interest for us, which has been amazing!  We've got some fab people asking us to do gigs for them in the new year, so it's all happening! We'll give you more information as things are confirmed.  We're still applying to festivals and have started to hear back from them, but again, we'll save the details for a later date, when everything's confirmed and in our diaries.  Sufficed to say 2013's going to be a very busy one for Said The Maiden, and we cannae wait! :D

Eat cake and be merry!