Sunday 17 February 2013

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well?

WELL! What an amazing experience the Fisherman's Friends gig was last week! We were so, so nervous, but once we were up on stage and singing, we just felt so at home. Definitely the biggest audience we've played to, with around 700 people watching! And the Fisherman's Friends are such a lovely bunch of guys, who played a fab gig as well. They always put on an awesome show, and we had a great time hanging around with them for the day. And Facebook and Twitter have been busy, busy, busy ever since. So, welcome new fans! Thank you for joining us :D

We took all our funky new publicity postcards and badges to the gig and got rid of most of them, which was fab, and we've already started taking pre-orders for our EP. It's still on track for release on the 7th March and you will soon be able to purchase it directly from our website, once we've set up our Paypal account.  The mixing's all done, and it should be going to the mastering company this week. All everso exciting! We've also set up an email list, so if you want to join it, for automatic updates, just add your email address at the very bottom of this page. If you've already joined it, thank you :) You'll soon receive an email from FeedBurner asking you to verify your subscription, so please follow the instructions on that email and you will get all our up-to-date news.

So....the EP's almost done, we have hundreds of new fans, and on Wednesday we headed up to Birmingham to support Ray Cooper of The Oysterband. It was a great night, lots more EPs sold, new fans, and Ray was fabulous.  Gorgeous cello playing! We've also got a few live radio appearances lined up, which we will add to the calendar page soon, so you know when to tune in, and a newspaper feature being written about us. The date of the interview for that is yet to be confirmed.

Thank you all for your support. We really never expected the response we've got to our music, and we're so grateful to all of you who listen to what we do! :) We love it, and we love you.

Unfortunately it's not all good news, however. We were deeply saddened to hear of the tragic deaths of Trevor Grills from the Fisherman's Friends and their tour manager Paul McMullen, after an accident while preparing for their show in Guildford last Saturday. This was a huge shock, and our thoughts and prayers are with their friends and families at this incredibly difficult time. We'll always be grateful for the amazing opportunity Paul gave us to support the Fisherman's Friends, and the great evening we spent with them all.

Take care,

Said the Maiden