Tuesday 12 March 2013


Howdy guys.

EP sales are still coming in thick and fast, so thank you to everyone who's bought them so far! :D

We had a fab day on Sunday travelling round from radio station to radio station.  If you didn't get to hear them, and would like to, here are some links

Josh's Folk Show soundcloud.com/helen-meissner-1/said-the-maiden-joshs-folk
Daria's Folk Show pt 1 www.mixcloud.com/dariakulesh9/hen-party-on-folk-dj-march-10-featuring-said-the-maiden-and-alison-macfarlane-hour-1
Daria's Folk Show pt 2 www.mixcloud.com/dariakulesh9/hen-party-on-folk-dj-march-10-featuring-said-the-maiden-and-alison-macfarlane-hour-2/

And did you hear us on Mike Harding's show!?  How exciting!  Unfortunately he got Hannah confused with Hannah James of Lady Maisery fame, and introduced us as her latest project....which we're not.  But I'm sure someone will set him straight soon enough!

Here's the link.  Ours is the last song http://www.mixcloud.com/mikeharding10/the-mike-harding-folk-show-number-11/

ALSO.... Music City unsigned is THIS SATURDAY!  If you're local to St Albans and in need of something to do from 7:30pm Saturday evening, pay a meager £5 and come and watch Said The Maiden and 3 other fab local acts strut their stuff on stage!  We're really excited about this, and have a little surprise up our sleeves!  It's going to be a real treat, with all sorts of different genres of music.  You can buy tickets on the door on the evening, or on the Arena website. www.alban-arena.co.uk or ring the box office on 01727 844488

Bring all your mates and have a PARTY!!

Keep ordering your CDs and tell all your friends to buy one too! :) we have lots to get rid of!!

Thanks guys,
See you soon