Sunday 23 June 2013

Hi guys! Wow! It's a lot longer since we wrote a blog than we thought! Sorry about that!!

So! Since Asparafest, we've been busy gigging all over the shop. A couple of weeks ago we played at a fantastic medieval festival in a lovely little village called Riseley.  Watch our video!! There was also plenty of dancing!  It was a brilliant evening and next year, you should all definitely go!

On the Sunday we popped down to Brighton to meet up with Folkstock Foundation founder, and friend Helen Meissner, to raise awareness of the Folkstock festival in September, and meet some of the other acts playing at the festival.  Here's that video.

It was a brilliant, knackering weekend!

This weekend we played at the St Albans Folk Festival.  Sadly we have no footage of that, as we didn't have battery in our camera (School...girl error) but it was an amazing day with 8 hours of non stop, free music in the town hall, sessions in the old prison cells and the brilliant Hannh James and Sam Sweeney playing in the evening.  Thank you to the fantastic audience, and to everyone who bought a cd :) we're getting through them now!

Next weekend, we're heading to Napton to play at the Folly Inn as part of the Folk on the Water festival.  Really looking forward to this one, and there will definitely be footage.  On Saturday we're heading over to Stevenage for another Folkstock musical campout, with the fantastic Luke Jackson, for a singalong round the campfire.

Another fun and busy weekend lined up, and more dates added to the calendar :D

Until soon