Sunday 18 August 2013

Golly gosh, guys.  We've been such busy maidens, we've neglected our blog this month! Sorry about that.

So...since Folk by the Oak, Said The Maiden have played at the brilliant Standon Calling festival.  We played as part of the Folkstock line up, taking over one of the festival's smaller stages for the day.  It was fantastic to meet and hear more of the Folkstock artists that will be playing at the festival in September.  It really is looking to be an amazing day!  Book your tickets now at

We also played at an awesome folk club called Tiller Flat. It's held on board the Golden Hinde II in London.  A FLIPPIN' BOAT! It was incredible.  Amazing setting to sing folk music, and we got asked to come back an join them again at Christmas, so we're very happy about that. If you live in or near London, we highly recommend you go and check this club out. There's a bar on board, and you pretty much get free reign of the boat, so you can spend plenty of time exploring! More details here...

Yesterday, we came back home after spending a week in Bonnie Scotland. And what a brilliant week it was! We spent the first few days at the Edinburgh Festival, with our friends from the Lost Horizons folk club.  We played 5 gigs in 3 different venues, over 3 days! It was exhausting, but such an amazing experience!  Hopefully some photos will appear soon, and we will be posting a few videos on Youtube over the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled!  We also got to see a few shows.  A very interesting burlesque show, which involved a lady wearing a fish head, whilst stripping, and some fire eating! Hannah's boyfriend's brother... (got that?) did a stand up show and was HILARIOUS! His name's Sam Gore, check him out.  And we watched Jim Moray, Amy Mason and Eddie Argos (Of Art Brut fame) in a fab little show called The Islanders. It was funny and sad and sweet and a bit weird, and we really enjoyed it!

When we had finished at Edinburgh, we travelled up North, to spend the rest of the week in the highlands. There were lochs, mountain climbing and paddling through waterfalls.  You'll see it all in the videos.

This coming weekend, we're heading to Suffolk for Folkeast. We're very excited about that one! Find more details here  We hope to see some of you there.  We're on the Soapbox Stage at 11am on the Sunday morning. Do come and say hi, if you're there.

Until then, tek care