Sunday 15 December 2013

Hi everyone! How is everyone?
Excited about Christmas!?

We've been a bit quiet on the performance front the last few weeks. We did a brilliant little gig at Oxford Folk Club the other week. A small but perfectly formed audience attended, who joined in with gusto, and made us feel very welcome, so thank you! Earlier this week we popped over to the Park Street Camera Club, to play a little Christmas gathering they had organised. It was really lovely. Another attentive and welcoming audience, who bought a lot of CDs, which is always a bonus! We don't have many of them left.....

Next weekend, Jess has managed to jiggle her work schedule around a little, to make room for a much needed recording session which we are looking forward to. The CD is coming along slowly but surely.  We're still very much learning how this process works, and how we work as a team. It's a very different process to playing live and rehearsing for gigs and takes a lot of getting used to. But we're really excited about the final product and can't wait to get it finished! We've started thinking about the artwork as well, which is going to look awesome! Final thing we'll need is a name for it....always a toughy!

On the 27th Dec we're heading back to the grand Royston Folk Club, to play at their Christmas Party, and dance the night away. If you'd like to join us, details can be found HERE It's going to be a great night! There's no better way to celebrate Christmas than with music, singing, and dancing....and drinking....and eating.

Speak soon

Take care