Friday 10 January 2014


We hope you all had lovely Christmas and new year celebrations. We certainly did!  But now it's back to work and lots of rehearsing hard and recording. We've now worked out our rehearsal and recording schedule all the way til March, so we're super organised and have, hopefully, given ourselves enough time to write and rehearse and get the album done for the tour.

We're also very excited to have been asked to play a couple of Fairport songs with Dave on the tour, so we have now added The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood, and Crazy Man Michael to our list of songs to practise lots! This year is certainly going to be a busy and exciting one for us, and whilst we have lots to do, and not a whole lot of time to do it in, it's a really great period for us, and we are loving it!!

We've added a couple of dates to our calendar, and whilst we're trying to keep the gigs to a minimum whilst we prepare for the tour, there are just some you can't turn down: Like returning to Green Note in London, to support Lily Neill, a fantastic Irish harp player. And in February we're VERY excited to be heading to Hitchin folk club to support none other than Jim Moray!

Check out our calendar for more dates and details. All of our Dave Swarbrick dates are on there, and most venues are now selling tickets, so get buying!

See you soon

StM xxx