Sunday 9 March 2014

Album updates!

Happy Sunday everybody!

Gosh, it's been a long time since we've done this!

So....lots to catch you up on....
The last....however many months....have been a dizzying eddy of studio time, photoshoots, editing, mixing, designing and meetings.

The album is sounding soooo good! We are stupidly excited to finally have it out there for everyone to hear. We've put so much work into it, and are so proud of the results. We feel it's a real step up from the EP and shows how we've evolved and improved as a band.

Steve, our engineer/producer and Jess' big brother has been totally amazing, giving up every weekend and most evenings to get everything sounding as good as it can. He's pretty fabby!

Our friend Chloe Harmsworth has done an incredible job of the artwork and we think you'll agree, when you see it, that it's just beautiful! Very colourful and us!

And Gemma Pitkin did some amazing photography for us....we'll post some photos soon, plus a little video of the recording/photography process and another little treat for you later.

We're not setting a release date for the album, but we're pretty confident it will be ready for the tour, which starts in just under a month.

Now the vocals on the album are done, we can concentrate on getting ourselves ready for the Dave Swarbrick tour. He has asked us to join him on two Fairport Convention songs during his set, so we're busy learning those at the moment. If you want to find out which ones we're doing,'ll just have to buy some tour tickets, won't you? ;)

Anyway, we'll be posting little treats for you soon, but until then, off we go to listen to the mixes again

Peace and love

StM xxx