Tuesday 15 April 2014

Hi guys! How is everyone?

We're 4 dates into our Dave Swarbrick tour so far, and it's so amazing! The venues and hosts have been so welcoming, the crews really helpful and the audiences have loved it! Thank you, if you've already come to see the show.

Dave is such a lovely guy. We were, naturally, a bit nervous to meet him at first, but he's so funny and laid back, he put us at ease straight away, and it's a joy to see him each day.  His fiddle playing is insane and his anecdotes are hilarious! You should definitely buy a ticket if you haven't already. All our dates are on the Calendar page.

In terms of our cancelled Derby gig on 26 April, we'll now be playing as part of the Derby Live St George's celebrations. Dave won't be joining us for this one, but it promises to be a really lovely day of music and dance. We're playing in the Market Place at 3:50pm and details can be found HERE

Our album is in the final stages of production, and we hope to have them for the last two or three weeks of the tour. We won't be making them available online until after the tour, but we are currently taking pre orders at our gigs and will be sending those ones out, and making them widely available online, once the tour is over.

Keep checking our calendar, as new dates are always being added.
We're particularly excited about the Cecil Sharp House date in October. We've always wanted to play there!

Much love