Monday 28 April 2014

Touching Base

Hi guys
We hope you're all well.

We just wanted to say a massive MASSIVE thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Isambard Folk Award Poll. We didn't win, but being on the shortlist was amazing in itself. The panel that put us there was made up of musicians and folkies that really know their stuff, so it was a real honour to know that they liked what they heard of us!

Congrats to Chris Cleverley,who did win, and is awesome. Y'all should check him out!

In other news, we only have 5 dates left of our Swarb tour! It has gone SO quickly! And we've been having a blast: meeting new people, seeing new places, making new friends and discovering new music....not to mention hanging out with a real life legend every weekend. Thank you to everyone who's come to see us, and made it a success. We hope you've been enjoying it as much as we have!

And if you haven't made it to a gig yet, we're in Dorset and Bristol this weekend, then Peterborough and Harpenden. Dates are on our calendar page.

Our album is in the very, very final stages. The final mix has been completed and we're sending it off to be mastered! We're hoping it's ready for our Harpenden gig at the very latest.  Thanks, again, to everyone who has pre-ordered their copy. For those who won't be able to make it to one of our tour dates, the album will be available online, just as soon as the tour is over.

We'll keep you posted
In the meantime, peace out and much love

StM xxx