Thursday 3 December 2015

Bristol Folk House gig with Hattie Briggs and Susie Dobson

Hi guys.

Just a quick one today to say that, unfortunately, due to things that were out of our control, we have had to delay the launch of our EP.

We started off the process in plenty of time and were completely confident that we would have it in time for the launch on the 13 of December, but we ran into a lot of obstacles along the way that have left us with no choice but to hold off on our release. We have rescheduled the launch for Sunday 10 January 1pm at Empire Records in St. Albans.

This also means that we may not be able to get EPs out to people that have pre ordered, before Christmas. We're aware that some people may have ordered them as Christmas gifts and we are so, so sorry that this may not happen. They should still get to us before Christmas and we will send them out as soon as they arrive, but they will be going in the Christmas post, and we all know what that's like!

Massive apologies again! We are so disappointed that we couldn't deliver the EP to you as we had hoped, but we're confident that you will all love it and agree it's worth the wait! Thank you so much for all your support! We wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for you guys and it means so much to us to have you all on our side! Thanks to those who have pledged so far, and if you are planning on pledging, you have just 1 week left! Head here to pledge now, we're getting SO CLOSE!

In other, happier news, we're really REALLY excited to be heading to the Bristol Folk House on December 19 for a little Christmas gig, organised by the fab team at Bristol Folk Festival. We'll be joined by a fantastic new musician on the scene, Susie Dobson, and the Young Folk Award nominated Hattie Briggs! Please do come along if you're nearby. We hear there'll be mince pies and mulled wine too! Tickets available HERE.

Cheers guys

Until next time